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Microsoft Word to HTML Conversion

Converting Word documents to HTML can be the most frustrating part of working within Word. While Word does offer direct-to-Internet publishing, it often ignores HTML, which is the current model on which Internet pages are formatted. Many people, faced with this probelm, find themselves with three choices: either learn to program HTML, publish to the Internet and hope the site or blogging platform you're working with recognizes Word's formatting codes, or find an HTML conversion program. Unfortunately, these platforms do not always work the way they are supposed to, or are limited in how they interact with Word's formatting, resulting in an unreadable mess that makes your site or blog look less professional than it actually is. Directions : 1. Select the .doc filr 2.Put your email (optional) 3. Click convert 4. Processing and 5. Download and save your converted doc file.

HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, is the method by which most websites and pages format information for readers. This allows people to input bold, italic, underlined or hyperlinked information. Word allows users to do this as well, but its format scheme often disagrees with external site formats, creating needless problems and cluttering the page with visual "garbage" as a result of the two systems trying and failing to work together. However, a clean HTML conversion can help translate your document into a web page that looks like you intended and delivers the message you need.

Docuverter's Word to HTML conversion is designed and intended to give you a smooth, seamless transition that preserves the formatting and symbolic input of your page without compromising the information, readability or visual impact of the page. This includes retaining the italics, bold print and list items that occur on your page and transferring them into an easy-to-read format that translates readily between Word, PDF and HTML applications. This also gives greater flexibility and reduces expense, because it eliminates the need for expensive desktop all-in-one publishing programs that may not deliver what they promise.

Obviously the benefits of using a compact, all-in-one online tool like far outweigh the possible inconvenience. The advantages of being able to readily convert back and forth between popular formats like Word, PDF and HTML give professional and amateur desktop users more ways to create professional results without needing to engage professional-level personnel. This benefits your company's bottom line and also creates more ways for your company to reach out in print, email and on the Internet in less time and with less stress than you ever thought possible.

Whether you're trying to convert an HTML-run website to Word, a Word document to PDF, a PDF to HTML or any other configuration, Docuverter is your one-stop transfer and conversion software. We are excited for the chance to serve your business with a straightforward, easy-to-use conversion software that marries the best of security, ease and results in one simple solution. For your next conversion project, try Docuverter. com and see why we are quickly gaining a reputation as one of the best, most user-friendly conversion software solutions on the Web today. Try us and discover the Docuverter difference for yourself today!

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