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PDF formatting is probably the single most versatile media format available today. Its easy merging and image preservation characteristics make composing everything from single-page flyers to full-length illustrated novels a quick and reasonably painless process. The problem, of course, is translating the initial file format into PDF. There are many websites on the market that allow PDF conversion, but they vary greatly in quality and cost, as well as security and speed.

Have you ever found yourself needing to convert file types quickly and easily? Until recently, most people found web-based file conversion programs to be frustrating, time-consuming, expensive or too limited to be useful. Many websites offer Word to PDF conversion, but don't play nice with Excel. Similarly, sites that convert one way may not be able to reverse the process if someone needed to make a PDF a Word document. We understand that when you need a document converted, you need it done quickly and securely. This is why we created Docuverter.com, as a fast, secure, private one-stop answer to the more limited offerings available on other websites. Keep reading to see how Docuverter.com can help you transfer files faster and more easily than you ever thought possible!

Because today's hot watchword is "security," that is where we'll begin. Just about every website out there promises security, confidentiality and so on. The problem is that when you read the fine print in the End User License Agreement, or EULA, you realize that there are a number of sneaky ways people try to get the better of users. For example, some websites only offer automatic deletion of converted files to "premium" users, meaning they expect you to pay extra to ensure your files do not go where they aren't supposed to. Other EULAs contain language that shadier websites can use in an attempt to obtain exclusive rights to the content you convert, thereby potentially putting you at risk of losing the rights to your own work and possibly compromising trade secrets. Even if the situation is not that dire, would you want to pay a licensing fee to someone else to use a picture <i>you</i> took for your <i>business?</i>

Therefore, reading EULAs is very important, except on Docuverter.com. This is because we very clearly and explicitly state what we do and do not do, right up front, in straightforward, concise language. Briefly, we do not ever charge users for our services at any time. We do not require, nor is it necessary, that users download anything from our site to use our service. If something purporting to be from "our" site requests a user to download anything at any time, it is most likely not something we authorized and would greatly appreciate being told about. User security is of utmost importance to us, but we also try to balance security with ease of use. Because of this, we allow users to access their files for 24 hours before deletion, but we cannot archive files at any time, for any reason, beyond the 24-hour window. You upload your file, tell us what format to convert it to, and we send a secure download link to your inbox so you can access your converted file when it suits your busy schedule.