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Microsoft Excel to PDF Conversion

As Word is the high-water mark in word processing, so Excel is the pinnacle of spreadsheet functionality. Microsoft created the best and most intuitive spreadsheet on the market, and as with Word it spawned imitators that try to replicate its processes and functions. Some of these programs are well-suited for the home user, others geared more toward business, but none of them seem to be able to hold up to Microsoft's robust and relatively user-friendly system. To convert Exel to PDF : 1. Select your .xls file 2. Enter your email (optional) 3. Click convert 4. Processing and 5. Download your pdf file.

However, like Word, Excel also has its difficulties. Incorporating spreadsheets into text documents or the other way around may be beyond the casual user's skill level, and even veteran users often run into complications. This level of complexity increases geometrically when images such as charts, photos or other visual data need to be incorporated. Many people spend just as long formatting the finished product and trying to get disparate programs to cooperate with one another as they did creating the product in the first place, leading to intense frustration and sometimes delaying projects in a costly and time-consuming manner.

Docuverter is designed to work with Excel's various quirks in a way few other online conversion tools can math. You can transfer an Excel spreadsheet to a PDF document or image for easy manipulation and incorporation into a master document, or reverse the process and transfer a PDF-based chart into am Excel spreadsheet to facilitate editing or to allow input of new data as information changes the initial parameters and projections of the original spreadsheet. The purpose behind this is to make incorporating, editing and transferring data back and forth as simple as a few mouse clicks. Our open-source, secure software dos all the heavy lifting for you and alerts you when your document is ready, so you can keep total control while having the flexibility to deal with it at your leisure and on your schedule.

Even better, because you can convert Excel documents into PDF format, you can streamline merging of documents to create crisp, professional-looking reports and other media for virtually any need from school reports to a presentation before the board of a Fortune 500 company. This makes editing, corrections and publishing so simple even an intern can do it while giving results that look like they were created by a big-money graphic design team. Because of the security involved, you needn't worry that unauthorized personnel can access your work, giving you optimal privacy and confidentiality without sacrificing the overall quality of your work.

At Docuverter, we believe our open-source conversion tools can hold their own against anything on the market, and offer a broader range of solutions for real people and businesses who use a wide range of programs. Our suite of tools is designed for users of all kinds and types of business. Once you try our suite of tools for converting to and from PDF across all formats, we believe you'll agree Docuverter is the one-stop solution for people who need to convert files easily and securely.

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